Untangling the data hairball: a review of “Big Data Marketing”

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A book review of “Big Data Marketing” completed for OnlyIT.

Big Data Marketing. Lisa Arthur. Wiley, 2013. 192pp

Data driven marketing and specifically Big Data in marketing has become a popular phrase in the last few years, with multiple companies offering solutions on how they can provide you with the holy grail of combining all your existing legacy data and new social and machine data to provide near clairvoyant conversations with your customers. Lisa Arthur has looked at this from her years of experience as CMO of several businesses and the transformation of Teradata’s clients she has witnessed as the company’s CMO. In this book Arthur does not provide the answer to Big Data for marketing, but shows you a potential road map, with case studies, for how to introduce data driven marketing into your business, of which Big Data plays a key part.

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