We workshop with you to discover your marketing objectives and understand the drivers behind these objectives. This is followed by a complete exploration of your existing data, campaign management and analytical techniques.

The Definition Phase will consolidate and assess the information collected during the Discover phase and will be used by BlacklerRoberts Ltd to propose a client specific marketing solution, including a definition of your data, campaign management, analysis techniques, GAPs and steps needed to meet your marketing solution needs.

BlacklerRoberts Ltd works with you and selected 3rd parties to manage the delivery of the proposed marketing solution to drive improved sales. Whether you are thinking of implementing or moving to a new marketing solution or extending an existing solution BlacklerRoberts Ltd can facilitate the implementation of the proposed marketing solution.

Recent Posts

Implications of GDPR on 3rd Party Data

GDPR is a topic affecting many areas of Direct Marketing and one potential large impact is on the use of 3rd party data. The future and use of 3rd party data has been considered in the following article, which BlacklerRoberts

Have you played the Data Breach game?

Over the past 12 months the noise around GDPR has gradually become louder and louder, with many businesses claiming to help with compliance or telling you of horrendous fines that you will have to pay. The ICO has started to

Does GDPR Profiling include Segmentation?


During a recent webinar by the DMA titled “GDPR*1 and profiling” several discussions were raised on the right or not to complete profiling on customer data. This looked at the high standard for consent which has been set within the