Data Definition

Documentation of the steps required to achieve reliable and comprehensive data to support the objectives identified in the Discover Phase. This activity incorporates:

  • Definition of each data source and data feed,  providing details of the structure, content, volume, growth rates and relationship to other data being provided.
  • Delivery of a business context diagram to provide a clear view of the data included as part of a marketing database solution.
  • Completion of GAP analysis and delivery of recommendations for the improvement, completeness and fullness of the available data.
  • Recommendation for delivery of a single customer view, including identification of data sources and feeds required to build and maintain this view.
Campaign Management Definition

Documentation of all campaign types, providing the steps required to deliver a unified campaign process to enable consistent and measurable communication activity. This activity incorporates:

  • Definition of each campaign type, providing details of campaign purpose, channel/s, audience, schedule, exclusions, seeds, control groups and measures.
  • Completion of GAP analysis and delivery of recommendations for the use of campaign templates and reusable campaign elements to provide faster and more consistent communication.
  • Identification of communication automation opportunities to enable better resource utilisation.
Analysis Technique Definition

Documentation of the core analytical and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) requirements needed to support your objectives. This activity incorporates:

  • Definition of your customer’s journey and the key stages in their lifecycle with your business.
  • Definition of each analysis scenario type, providing details of analysis purpose, information utilised, level of analysis and measures.
  • Definition of key business metrics to enable complete understanding of the business rules behind each classification and KPI.
  • Definition of each report type, providing details of report purpose, filters, parameters, counting level, row dimensions, column measures and summary totals.
  • Completion of GAP analysis and delivery of recommendations for additional analysis and measures to further improve your marketing initiatives.