Marketing Objectives Review

This is a critical element to the delivery of any marketing solution and is designed to review your business goals in order to drive clear marketing objectives. These marketing objectives will then ensure any proposed solution is based on the business requirements and not a technology led solution.

To drive this workshop, a high level review of your available product & services, the types of customers and how they interact with your business will be completed. This information will ensure an informed and complete set of objectives are agreed.

Data Exploration

A complete data review aimed to achieve a comprehensive understanding of your use of data, available data documentation and how this information can be used in delivering a marketing solution, incorporating:

  • Review of data Sources and data Feeds in terms of richness, completeness, structure, use and ownership.
  • Review data to understand areas for improvement on content, quality and validity.
  • Review of multiple customer touch points to understand how a single view of the customer can be achieved.
Campaign Management Exploration

By reviewing your existing contact strategy and communication plans, a detailed understanding of your campaigns can be achieved. This will enable a structured communication approach to be taken to optimise available marketing budgets to generate improved return on investment. This activity incorporates:

  • Review of target strategies to understand techniques used to drive improved delivery and response rates.
  • Review of automation currently included in the delivery of communications.
  • Review of communication success measures.
Analysis Techniques Exploration

A review of analysis techniques and approaches; beginning with a detailed look at the customer journey. This activity incorporates:

  • Review of analysis scenarios to meet your acquisition, retention and  growth challenges.
  • Review methods and techniques used to deliver measurable positive impacts on your marketing initiatives.
  • Review of your current reporting activity and distribution to ensure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are clearly identified, with supporting measures in order to drive improved response to customer activity.