Discovering and defining the data required to support a customer database solution



About Ageas 50

Ageas 50 was created in 2012 from the two insurance brands RIAS and Castle Cover, who specialise in the over 50’s insurance market, with products including home, car and life insurance.

The Challenge

Following on from the acquisition of the Castle Cover brand, Ageas 50, who already owned the RIAS brand, identified both a need to:

  • Understand the crossover of RIAS and Castle Cover customers, especially those individuals new to, or moving between, the brands; and
  • Develop a single solution for the on-going management and delivery of data-driven marketing communications and customer insight & analysis, giving rise to best practice and conformity across brands.

This would involve the integration of all Castle Cover and RIAS data into a single Customer Database.  The initial requirement was to understand the existing data sources employed in the existing Castle Cover solution to provide a complete and detailed definition of all data feeds, including analysis and understanding of the physical data content.

The Solution

To deliver the solution BlacklerRoberts completed a detailed audit of the Castle Cover data sources and feeds used in their existing data driven marketing solution, covering:

  • A physical review of all data sources and feeds, looking at existing documentation, analysing physical data and interviewing internal & external parties to discover and define a comprehensive understanding of the data to a granular level;
  • Understanding of overlap between RIAS and Castle Cover data to identify common information and the mapping rules between the data sources;
  • Review of data quality processes employed, including business rules behind suppression and permission management.

BlacklerRoberts presented the findings in a Data Specification Document, which provided a detailed single point of reference on the existing data sources and feeds. Armed with this Data Dictionary, Ageas 50 were able to take the next steps in developing a customer database.

Key Quote

“Jim’s tenacity and attention to detail, coupled with his experience of running solution delivery projects provided confidence and peace of mind that the final solution would be fit for purpose.”

Stuart Gale, Business Intelligence Services Manager.