Bringing understanding and transparency to data driven communications

Castle Cover

About Castle Cover

Castle Cover is an over 50’s insurance specialist market, with products covering home, car, travel and caravan insurance.  Founded in 2006, Castle Cover was acquired by Ageas UK in 2011 with a joint Managing Director appointed for the RIAS and Castle Cover brands in 2012 under the new company name of Ageas 50.

The Challenge

Following the acquisition of Castle Cover, RIAS senior management, now responsible for the newly acquired brand, needed to gain a thorough understanding of Castle Cover’s existing data driven marketing campaigns and be confident that the respective underlying business rules & processes were appropriate and compliant.  This presented a need to seek transparency of:

  • Current multi-channel communication strategy deployed;
  • Business rules employed in the selection, segmentation and suppression of communication data;
  • Identification of systems and processes used in delivering communications across all channels;
  • Clarification on source data used to drive communication activity.

The Solution

BlacklerRoberts’ expertise and ability to be self-sufficient, enabled Castle Cover to provide a high level brief as defined within the challenge and be confident in the information produced, without impacting existing resource challenges.

To deliver the solution BlacklerRoberts organised and facilitated a series of workshops with Castle Cover personnel and the third-party solution provider to:

  • Review the communication strategy and core campaigns;
  • Complete a detailed review of campaign selection, segmentation and exclusion criteria, looking at existing documentation, systems and data to validate the business rules employed;
  • Work across multiple business units to provide a central understanding of the communication activity across multiple channels;
  • Identify potential improvements to the existing communication activity following the completion of a GAPs Analysis activity.

BlacklerRoberts presented the findings in a Campaign Definition Document, which provided a central and confirmed understanding of existing communication activity, enabling Ageas 50 to use best practice from the RIAS and Castle Cover brands to create future campaigns across both brands. Beyond the clarification of the communication strategy an additional benefit of missed communication cells and duplicate communication was realised through a greater understanding of the exclusion criteria, deduplication rules and segmentation employed.

Key Quote

“The BlacklerRoberts three step approach of Discover, Define and Deliver provided a structured and efficient exploration of the existing communications, enabling a comprehensive Campaign Definition Document to be produced. This document fulfilled our needs and gave us the much needed visibility of Castle Cover’s data driven marketing activity, providing not only a detailed description of each of the existing campaigns, but also highlighted gaps and potential improvements within the overall communication strategy.  The content also enabled the suitability, compliance and risk aspects associated with the campaigns to be assessed.”

Stuart Gale, Business Intelligence Services Manager.