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Implications of GDPR on 3rd Party Data

GDPR is a topic affecting many areas of Direct Marketing and one potential large impact is on the use of 3rd party data. The future and use of 3rd party data has been considered in the following article, which BlacklerRoberts

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Have you played the Data Breach game?

Over the past 12 months the noise around GDPR has gradually become louder and louder, with many businesses claiming to help with compliance or telling you of horrendous fines that you will have to pay. The ICO has started to

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Webinar: Improve Marketing Data Management to Compete Through Insight

At its core Direct and Digital Marketing rely on the use of data and technology to deliver carefully crafted messages and offers to customers to initiate and prolong profitable customer relationships. Data is therefore a vital element of any marketing

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Discovering Your Data

Data is the key to understanding you customers and delivering new insights, but data in itself is just a series of 1s and 0s until you can bring meaning and interpretation. Knowing and understanding your data is the first step

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Is knowing my pet’s name valuable?

In today’s world of ever increasing data availability, volume and variety the challenge to know which data is valuable to you is a key step in starting to build a marketing solution. An often cited response is that ‘all data

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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

This year sees the 70th anniversary of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs*1. I decided to apply this approach to Database Marketing, showing the journey from the basic capability to the future of fully integrated, contextual and real-time capabilities. The model proposes

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