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Does GDPR Profiling include Segmentation?


During a recent webinar by the DMA titled “GDPR*1 and profiling” several discussions were raised on the right or not to complete profiling on customer data. This looked at the high standard for consent which has been set within the

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Does Variety mean greater Innovation for Big Data?

In my previous article in this series exploring the application of Big Data to marketing, I considered at how Big Velocity provides current understanding of your customers, improving marketing performance. In this post I will explore the last of the

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Does Velocity mean increased performance for Big Data

In my last blog I looked at how Big Volume provides breadth and depth to your understanding of your customers. In this blog I will explore the second of the 3 V’s, the potential impact of Velocity on Marketing. Let’s

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Does Volume mean Value for Big Data in Marketing?

In my last blog I started to look at Big Data, providing an overview of the concept and looked at the three core elements Volume, Velocity and Variety. In this blog I will explore the potential impact of Volume on

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Big Data, Big Analytics, Big Automation, Big Noise?

When I first started my career storage was not at today’s inexpensive levels and one of the big challenges was utilising the space available in efficient an ingenious ways. Over the years the price has plummeted with space becoming freely

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Is knowing my pet’s name valuable?

In today’s world of ever increasing data availability, volume and variety the challenge to know which data is valuable to you is a key step in starting to build a marketing solution. An often cited response is that ‘all data

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