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Customer Segmentation – are your customer footprints merely impressions in the sand?

Customers have similar traits but are not all alike and should not be spoken to with a single message in the same manner and tone. This was initially looked at in an earlier article ‘Talk to your customers or talk

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How can a customer journey lead to data enlightenment?

Customer journey mapping has many applications to enable an enhanced relationship between you and the customer, including: Understanding and improving the customer experience; Providing a platform for delivery of effective, timely and relevant communications; Enabling a consistent and efficient level

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Talk to your customers or talk to your customer?

Receiving messages from a company you have never spoken to can be annoying and intrusive at best, often referred to as spam. Therefore, gaining permission to speak is a critical element in building a relationship with your customers, but using

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Webinar: Improve Marketing Data Management to Compete Through Insight

At its core Direct and Digital Marketing rely on the use of data and technology to deliver carefully crafted messages and offers to customers to initiate and prolong profitable customer relationships. Data is therefore a vital element of any marketing

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Discovering Your Data

Data is the key to understanding you customers and delivering new insights, but data in itself is just a series of 1s and 0s until you can bring meaning and interpretation. Knowing and understanding your data is the first step

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Untangling the data hairball: a review of “Big Data Marketing”

A book review of “Big Data Marketing” completed for OnlyIT. Big Data Marketing. Lisa Arthur. Wiley, 2013. 192pp Data driven marketing and specifically Big Data in marketing has become a popular phrase in the last few years, with multiple companies

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